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Business Digital Solutions

Cyber Security Management

Data Management


Data is one of every organization’s most precious assets and a crucial digitalization facilitator. As a result, data management is an essential component of every corporate activity and is more crucial than ever. We work with organizations to develop data management programs that include data quality, metadata, modeling, and data protection.

  • Enterprise Data Visualization Platform (Deliver smarter insights; train, deploy, and manage low-code machine learning models; write predictions back into your data stack with zero integration; build digital twins for real-world optimizations; experiment with ML models for simulation and scenario plans; artificial intelligence and machine learning driven platform).
  • Data Management Programs Development (that include data quality, metadata, modeling, and data protection).
  • Hardware Security Modules (General purpose HSMs, Payment HSMs, Hypervisor management, Cloud HSMs, HSM as a Service, HSM certified training).
  • Access Control (Authentication and authorization as a service, privilege access control).
  • Data Protection (Centralized key management, encryption as a service, tokenization, key lifecycle management, public key infrastructure, specialized service to build/audit/document your PKI, PKI as a Service, certificate lifecycle automation, publicly trusted certificates).


Enterprise Architecture Services

Cloud Architecture

Your cloud design should provide greater collaboration, lower costs, higher security, efficiency, and scalability. We assist in evaluating your cloud scenario and suggest the best platforms and architectures to meet your company’s needs. Our cloud architecture services cover strategy, design, and implementation for well-known cloud providers like AWS and Azure.

IT Hardware and Computer Equipment Distribution