Who we are

Compu-Connect Education is an Innovative, digital and leadership training company that was established 10 years ago.

Our Core Business –

Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation Implementation (RPAi) and Leadership Development.

Our Mission

To help companies leverage on digital innovations while empowering Human Capital to unleash their full potential.

Our Goal

  • To help organizations transform their employees training programs from traditional training delivery methods to new and innovative methods using our LMS platform and also to equip employees with skills needed to lead a 21st century organization.

Our Service Offering

  • A robust and highly customized Learning Management System developed in house together with many other digital services.
  • Leadership training, coaching and mentorship programs for leading in 21st century, designed to help the workforce to win well in the VUCA world.
  • Robotic Process Automation Implementation (RPAi)

Our Differentiating Factor

  • Since our Learning Management System is developed in house it’s easy for us to develop a highly customized system to accommodate the unique customer needs.
  • Since we own the system security is very high and the risk of the system being hacked is highly reduced.
  • We offer a full house end to end digital learning solution including (change management and e-learning strategy formulation)
  • For our leadership training program we use World class, top notch training facilitators who have taught in various local and international programmes at leading institutions in South Africa, Japan, USA, France, UK, Madagascar and Mauritius.
  • We Unlock a whole new world of CX potential