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The Future of AI in Africa Global Summit & Expo | 25-27 June 2024

About us

Founded 15 years ago, Compu-Connect Education has established itself as a leader in the dynamic and ever-evolving IT industry. Our core competence lies in leveraging the latest technologies to empower businesses, organizations, and institutions across Africa.

Operating across Africa, Compu-Connect Education has successfully served diverse industries, from finance to education and government sectors. Our commitment to quality and innovation has allowed us to build a strong client base and establish long-term partnerships.

With a 15-year history in the industry, Compu-Connect Education remains at the forefront of IT consulting and Digital Transformation. Our comprehensive services and dedication to innovation ensure that we continue to drive success for our clients across Africa. Whether it’s AI, RPA, cybersecurity, data management, or any other technology challenge, Compu-Connect Education is your trusted partner on the path to digital excellence.

Our Vision

Our company's inspiring vision is to elevate Africa into a flourishing and equitable economic force. We will realize this ambition by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, with a steadfast commitment to prioritizing human development.

Our Mission

To accelerate organizational efficiency through the integration of Smart Technologies and the nurturing of human potential.

Our Company Background

Compu-Connect Education Group, operating as Setholesa Technovations in South Africa and SLN Compu-Connect Consulting in Zambia, is a female-owned IT consulting and Smart Technology Services company with 15 years of experience. We have offices in South Africa and Zambia, and our long-term plan includes expanding our presence to all other African countries.

Our Core Business

We help businesses and organizations of all sizes on the African continent with Digital Transformation focusing on: Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence Chatbots, LMS & eLearning Custom Development, Cyber Security Management, Software Development, IT Hardware Infrastructure Supply, and People Development.

Our Value

Increased productivity, improved efficiency, better customer experience, cost savings and professional growth for the workforce

Our Unique Proposition

We work across the entire value chain and systems to ensure sustainability, accountability, relevance, and engagement.

Our Clientelle