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(Specialists in eLearning, LMS Development, Artificial Intelligence Chatbots (AI), Robotic Process Automation using SharePoint Online (RPA) and Digital Leadership Development)

Artificial Intelligence Health Management System

An innovation proposal to stop the spread of Covid19 in the workplace.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot

Custom Integrated Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Solutions, request a Quote.


LMS & eLearning for Corporates and Higher Education Institutions

 Custom eLearning development for training in businesses, universities and colleges. Request a Quote.


Leadership Training, Coaching and Mentorship

Empower organisational staff with the skills needed to LEAD and WIN in the 21st century. Request a Quote.


Coding For Schools

We offer a comprehensive robotics and coding training course with hardware, for a fun and interactive training experience for kids. Request a Quote.

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AI Chatbots for eLearning

Streamline business process flows with SharePoint Online, the leading cloud based collaboration and communication platform. A comprehensive Microsoft integrated platform with powerful document management and Business Intelligence.

Collaborate seamlessly on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams using OneDrive on a centralised intranet platform. SharePoint Online has built-in project management allowing teams to collaborate with ease in a deadline driven business environment.

We offer:

  • SharePoint Online Configuration
  • Custom Development
  • Process Flow Automation
  • Document Management
  • SharePoint Integration