We live in a digital dominant world that grows with technical complexity by the day. Our world is run by data and systems, with coding at the forefront of it and robotics growing in prevalence in leaps and bounds. With it comes a larger focus on developing the skills of the youth for the future.

STEM Education

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and has risen in popularity due to a massive rise in demand for these skills coupled by a lack of supply. The focus of STEM education is to prepare our youth for the workplace of the future. Growing an interest in technology focused disciplines in a fun and interactive manner from a young age is highly beneficial.

The Workplace of the Future

Web development continues to grow and has even been accelerated recently due to a need for more distance based systems such as communication, collaboration and learning. Platforms like Zoom, SharePoint Online and online learning platforms (LMS) have become staples in our everyday business. As such there is an ever-growing need for coding skills and experience, in South Africa alone the demand for web developers far outweighs the supply.

Computational Thinking

Coding and robotics stimulates computational thinking skills and has widespread application across many disciplines. For example: IOT or the Internet of things combines computing with mechanical, and digital devices that communicate over an independent network which in turn could provide us with large amounts of data. The big data could be incredibly complex and vast, yet easily processed by Artificial Intelligence which in turn was coded by a group of developers. All these technologies can be further expanded and such has incredible widespread application across many disciplines and industries.

Robotics and Coding is at the forefront of our technological development, and with such practical application across so many industries; it is no wonder STEM education has grown in popularity. Developing computational thinking in our youth will enable them to thrive in a fast paced digital environment.

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