Compu-Connect Education partners with Corporate/Business organisations that wish to make a meaningful contribution towards uplifting  disadvantaged schools using their CSI funds.

We also partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that works with schools and governments in providing quality education for all. Compu-Connect Education works very closely with Departments of Education in  identifying and selecting schools that require support, hence forth, creating a sustainable impact in delivering quality education for all.

Our desire is to help bridge the digital divide by assisting disadvantaged schools have access to computer laboratories. Together we collaborate in providing disadvantaged schools with mobile computer laboratories.

Our mobile computer laboratories are loaded with new Laptops as well Mathematics and Science educational software. Our range of products enables corporates to meet their CSI initiatives whilst at the same time creating opportunities for them to develop future talent. Without young people entering the workforce who are competent in mathematical and science reasoning, economic growth is inevitably constrained. We also partner with international donors who are looking for opportunities to provide  quality education for African  learners using technology

Benefits to your company

The following are the benefits that your company can derive from this initiative:

  • Cost effective as compared to traditional computer labs.
  • Choosing a school to support in the most needy areas of our country offers you an opportunity to develop a pool of talent for future use.
  • The objective is to develop the right quality of Maths and Science students from an early age in order to derive the required professionals, be it: accountants, engineers, astronauts, architectures, economists, marketers, business developers, etc.
  • Growing customer base for both short and long term goals


Recipient of Maths and Science Mobile Computer Laboratory, 

Kwazamokuhle Secondary School in Mpumalanga