Robotics and Coding for Kids

We offer a comprehensive robotics and coding course for schools using Makecode Microbit hardware from Microsoft. Each lesson covers key concepts in an interactive and fun manner for every grade.

  • Our coding and robotics program is Aligned with the CAPS outcomes stipulated in the draft coding and robotics curriculum
  • Our program develops computational thinking and problem solving
  • The program is Low cost
  • The program Supports the curriculum from Grade R – 9
  • We provide teacher support in coding and robotics
  • Free open source off line software for block coding, easily executed with basic infrastructure

Computational Thinking Skills Development

Prepare your students for the future workspace with technology-focused training in an interactive and practical solution, that promotes computational thinking and creativity. We use an Experiential learning approach:

  • ACTIVE processes engaging the learner
  • Immediate application of knowledge through DOING
  • Immediate feedback – enhancing problem solving skills (guided)
  • Developing reflective self-monitoring habits
  • Teamwork – developing collaboration and communication skills
  • Enhancing computational thinking
  • Obvious achievement (no waiting until exams) boosting confidence through positive results

Robotics and Coding for kids

Each Course comes with easy to use hardware powered by Microsoft’s MakeCode Microbit.

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