Optimise your Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Customer experience (CX) is the bottom line for many businesses. The single biggest challenge to CX is communication. There are many obstacles that can lead to poor customer communication, such as misinformation, lack of training, accessibility and poor conduct. To keep your customers truly engaged you need to provide an experience that is both informative and convenient. Bold 360AI is a comprehensive artificial intelligence chatbot and agent assistant that streamlines customer communication and interaction. With Bold 360AI every customer interaction can be monitored and pulled for insights which allows the business to streamline and adapt customer communication for the most effective results. Effective and consistent communication leads to engaged customers, and engaged customers become repeat business.

Bold 360AI Solution

Business Objectives

  • Increase Customer Acquisition
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Improve Customer Support
  • Enhanced Learning Experience


  • Live Chat & Messaging
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Agent Productivity
  • AI Self Service
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Integrations & APIs
  • Privacy & Security
  • Professional Services
AI Chatbots for eLearning

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed as a widespread tool that can be used to optimise any data driven systems. The AI is able to pick up minute patterns and trends that provide valuable insights into the standards of effective customer communication. Our AI is able to recognise customer requests and automate replies. It can also be used as a training and agent assistant by suggesting paths of communication based on previous requests.

Robot And Human Hand Making Fist Bump On Grey Background

Chatbot and Agent in Harmony

Bold360ai bots aren’t just on the frontlines helping customers find answers, place orders, and fix problems 24/7 with a smile. They’re also working overtime behind the scenes advising agents for better customer outcomes.

Improve Employee Performance with Artificial Intelligence


Conversational and Proactive AI

It’s hard to decipher the reality from the hype around chatbots. There are demos galore of so-called conversational bots, but replicating those for your business typically requires a whole lot of data scientists and scripted responses. No thanks. Our bots are built for conversions from day one.

Conversational AI with Integrated Insights


Knowledge and Insights

Bold360ai locks nothing away. Insights that are fueled by actual customer experiences are presented in real-time, so you can take immediate action. And you don’t have to front-load your knowledge base with anticipated content. Bold360ai listens to customers to help you exceed their expectations. Bold 360 AI integrates seamlessly with existing web-based systems and can be incorporated into other applications like eLearning, Website Livechat, Intranet systems and applications.

Testimonials: Discover customer-driven insights 

The proof is in the progress:

RBS – “RBS implemented Bold360 and realized lower inquiry handling times all within just 6 weeks.”

The North Face – “With Bold360, The North Face has raised their CSAT score to 94% (24% higher than the industry average).”

Thomas Cook – “By leveraging Bold360’s self-service capabilities, Thomas Cook instantly reduced Call centre volume by 20%.”