Boost revenue through exceptional customer service.

Harness the power of Chatbot machine learning to automate and improve the quality of your responses

to your audience in one central messaging dashboard.

Our AI chatbot Custom Care not only saves you time by automating tasks you need to repeat daily, it also offers your audience immediate responses to their requests.

Use our Customer Service Platform to aggregate messages across all major platforms, and use data to create and automate the most effective responses.

Filter through the noise and find the conversations which matter most, using the power of intelligent Chatbot automation.

Tailored solutions across a variety of sectors

Retail and E-Commerce

​Social Commerce, Sales, Self-service, Customer support
Delivery notifications + more.


Financial Services

On-boarding, FICA, Credit checks,
Statement & Account updates, Payment reminders and Security alerts.



Enrolment and Student application, Consent from Guardians, Assignment support, Account updates and alerts.


Property Sector​

Tenant listings, Surveys, Document submissions, Fault reporting, Enquiries, Customer service, updates + more.



Client acquisitions, Lead generation,
Customer Enquiries, Quote requests
Policy updates + more.



Internal Comms + HR​

Staff Engagement, Staff on boarding, Enquiries, Staff and product education.