Artificial intelligence or AI has blown up in popularity, especially in corporate environments where automation plays a pivotal role in productivity. AI seems like the logical next step, but application of AI is still very unclear, particularly in the eLearning industry. In this article we will breakdown real life application of AI in an online learning environment.

What is AI?

Simply put Artificial Intelligence is a network with a set of structure that is fed large amounts of data to identify or solve real life problems. AI can be trained to hold a conversation, motivate a learner or even provide assistance depending on the data it was provided. An AI network can easily be trained to become an expert on any topic, making it perfect for theoretical material.

Conversational eLearning

The AI can act as the trainer, providing the users with insights and answers to their questions. This frees up the trainer to focus on administrative tasks, allowing for easier management of large online learning environments. The Chatbot can also provide valuable insights into commonly asked questions, allowing the trainers to optimise their training accordingly.

Adult Learning Assistant

Effective eLearning is based on Adult Learning principles, with motivation at the heart of it. The AI Chatbot is the perfect motivational companion as it assists the learner by suggesting navigation, highlighting motivational tools like gamification and providing encouragement to the learner. The AI Chatbot also brings an autonomous element to the online learning experience by empowering the user to explore the material in their own capacity.

Subject Matter Expert

An AI Chatbot can be used as a supplementary learning tool, by further simplifying concepts as the learner progresses towards their learning outcomes. They are also well suited as a complimentary learning tool by providing further insights, or as a conversational subject matter expert. For example: Learners have permanent access to a platform where they can converse with a subject matter expert, the Chatbot also provides them with case studies or links to additional content.

A comprehensive AI Chatbot is the perfect eLearning tool to increase your online learning interactivity, knowledge base and system access as the Chatbot never sleeps. Artificial Intelligence is a powerful addition to a Learning Management System that empowers learners, increases trainer productivity and provides valuable insights for continuous improvement.