Our South African Languages Doll Speaker and Audio App is now available in 5 African languages namely isiZulu, isiXhosa, Setswana, Sepedi and Sesotho! Just select and press play to listen to the stories and songs that form part of the African Languages Foundation Phase.


We Make Learning Fun and Interactive!

Now you can teach and learn African languages in a fun and effortless way! Created by linguists, professors and lecturers, our African Languages Software has been proven to be a front runner in African language learning materials. These lessons were carefully designed to form the perfect building blocks in order for children to easily learn an additional language. Our South African Languages Software combines animations, songs, stories and workbook activities to make the learning fun and easy! The teacher’s guide with laid out lessons also includes help sections and suggestions so teaching is effortless.


Grade 0-3 Foundation Phase


Grade 0-3 Foundation Phase


Grade 0-3 Foundation Phase


Grade 0-3 Foundation Phase


IsiZuluGrade 0-3 Foundation Phase