There has been a major improvement in the confidence level that Tholithemba has in mathematics. Compu-Connect education program has given her a solid foundation which will last a life time. The system is interactive and therefore also entertaining for the children.

Thandi Mazibuko

We came across compu-connect education programs through my son’s school, Sagewood school. We are very happy with the product as it provides extra work with fun and also for holiday work. Apoorv appeared for his first exam this year with great confidence and achieved top marks in his class. He scored 89% for his Mathematics.

Dr. Sharduli Terwadkar

Compu-Connect programs have helped me a great deal with maths. I used to struggle with maths, but now that I have these programs I am doing much much better in class. All the things we do in class are on the program. I am very impressed with the program.

Chanice Maxwell

Ever since I started using Compu-Connect educational software programs, I feel more confident with factorization. It is easy to use and very useful. My average Math’s mark in grade 10 is 70%. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn math’s quickly and very easily. It is a very helpful program.

Annette Venter

Compu-Connect educational  programs are fun and easy to use. Once I start working on the programs I just like doing math’s again and again and again! Because of these programs I get more than 89% in every cycle test and exam. I tell you these programs are a must use for all who want to excel at their math’s.

Apoorv Terwadkar

Compu-Connect Educational programs have helped me improve my marks in Geometric figures and problem solving sums. I give a huge thanks to these programs for they have made me feel happier about myself. I also feel confident about my mathematics!

Tholithemba Mazibuko

Compu-Connect educational software programs rock, they are good and they are fun!  After using the programs for only 8 weeks my Math’s mark went from 41% to 68%. The programs are great and easy to use. Am enjoying learning Math’s now!

Johann Venter

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