Eduss Mathematics Software (Grade 0 to Grade 7)

Technology allows a student to complete 40, 50 or more exercises in a lesson of 40 minutes… in normal classroom conditions the student may only be able to complete 10 or so exercises, with the slower and faster students adapting to the average pace of the class. Covers all the topics from Grade 0 to Grade 7.

Kipme@home Mathematics Software (Grade 7 to Grade 12)

The KipMathsExpert@home High school Maths program delivers comprehensive treatment of the secondary maths syllabus.

Eduss English Language Software (Grade 1 to Grade 9)

The English Language programs is arranged in 9 distinct levels covering reading, comprehension, grammar, and spelling. The program is suitable for first language students from Gr. 1 to Gr. 9 and second language students will the program until Grade 12. This program is definitely a valuable asset.

Eduss Phonics/Reading Software

The Phonics program helps with correct pronunciation and spelling for the English language.

Perceptual skills for Ages 3yrs to 9 yrs

SEA WORLD ADVENTURES / SEEWêRELD AVONTURE is specifically designed and developed to stimulate children in a playful and creative way.  This Perceptual program develops the following skills: concentration, visual conceptual skills, Colour & form recognition with consistency Sizes, proportions, Succession, reasoning skills, hand and eye coordination, decision making etc. The program is bilingual it teaches both in English and Afrikaans and is very helpful for learning basic Afrikaans in this age group